Sean 'the unicorn' Cloudsdale

Zoe Collins

Zoe has recently joined Cloudsale, infusing the team with a rich reservoir of expertise in digital marketing. As a result, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our offerings to include comprehensive digital marketing services for both our new and existing clients.

Zoe has spent over a decade honing and executing digital marketing strategies both internally and for clients at various agencies.

With a wealth of knowledge accumulated from working with prominent brands and top-tier digital agencies. Zoe is perticularly skilled at working with location based enterprises. A perfect fit for Cloudsdale’s hospitality clients.

Zoe’s credentials speak volumes. Strategic digital marketing is ingrained in her DNA, stemming from her certification in Creative & Digital Media apprenticeship back in 2013. Over the subsequent 11 years, she continuously augmented her expertise through a blend of practical experience, ongoing education, and specialized training. Zoe possesses the acumen to decipher winning strategies.

She earned certification in Digital Marketing Strategy from The IDM and pursued professional development through a spectrum of courses, accolades, and accreditations in GDPR, Google Ads, and SEO, among others.

Having spearheaded digital marketing initiatives in-house, generating substantial revenue for both B2B and B2C enterprises, and serving as a digital ally to esteemed brands, Zoe has navigated the creation of websites, crafted compelling content that not only ranks but converts, orchestrated impactful advertising campaigns, and delivered state-of-the-art digital experiences at top agencies in London and Manchester.

Today, armed with this wealth of experience and an authentic zeal, Zoe is committed to empowering deserving businesses to thrive. Her mission is to implement strategies that not only deliver immediate results but also sow the seeds for enduring returns on investment.