Sean 'the unicorn' Cloudsdale

About Sean Cloudsdale

Hi I’m Sean Cloudsdale. A web developer with over 10 years experience building custom solutions and digital experiences exclusively for the food & hospitality industry.

I pride myself on delivering custom and bespoke websites for restaurant groups like Tonkotsu and The Stable. As well as working with smaller independent brands.

I bring food photography and graphic design to the table alongside an integrated understanding of business requirements as a hospitality veteran with over 20 years in the trade. 

I am a full nerd who started out building websites using wysiwyg (what you see is what you get – love that acronym). Then I fell down the rabbit hole and now code in HTML, SASS, JS, REACT & PHP (or as my husband calls it 10110). I just love to keep learning and improving my skills, providing limitless solutions for leading venues, restaurants and vendors.

 I partner with local digital marketing and design experts to bring the best to Cloudsdale clients. My regular team includes high quality graphic designers and SEO expert, Zoe Collins.