I am an old-school web developer

I am an old-school web developer who writes lines of code rather than dragging and dropping elements in an editor. But why should you care if your web dev can code when you need a website?

Top three reasons.

#1 – Be future-ready.
As your business grows and pivots, you may need a new feature which you have yet to consider. If your chosen platform doesn’t provide this feature, you may need a whole new website.

#2 – Have things how you want them.
There is always an element of compromise when using templates and drag-and-drop editors. With access to the code, anything and everything is possible.

#3 – Clean and tidy.
Drag-and-drop editors can be like using a sledgehammer for cracking nuts. Everything you want is there, plus 100s of additional features you don’t need—making the site slow, bloated and bad for your OCD.

Cost is always an issue of course, so services like Squarespace and Wix are great options if you are a small business and building a website for yourself. But if you are outsourcing your web design, is it worth the compromise and are you even saving money? I have rebuilt some websites which cost more than I would ever charge and were nothing more than a mess of free templates and free plugins.

So when you are next in the market for a website and considering a template or a Wix-like site, please get in touch to see if the alternative isn’t on budget and a better investment.


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