Tiny wine are a brand new startup, offering customers the opportunity to try rare and expensive wines in miniature without investing in a full bottle. Their use of “Coravin Venitas” a new technology, means they can preserve wine and decanter it.

Tiny Wines approached Cloudsdale looking for a brand identity, pitch deck to secure funding and a website to sell their products. As a startup, budget was limited and we worked to a strict timeline. We agreed to create the fundamentals which would be further developed and built upon in time.

Microbrand conception

Cloudsdale came up with the name for the company “Tiny Wine”, and crafted the logo and brand identity to match. This began with three brand identity ideas, one of which was chosen to develop into the full brand.

The current market sees new wine businesses pop up who have gone against tradition with modern and funky brands. Tiny Wines however, while innovative, are encouraging people to explore traditional wines with heritage. So we led with a brand inspired by traditional wine bottles which often use sketches, shields and textured paper.

We chose a “wise owl” as a nod to Tiny Wines’ role in educating customers in wine and the often seen phenomena of owls employed in vineyards as a natural deterrent to small animals who feast on ripe grapes.

Alongside the name and logo was a full colour scheme and design language.

We designed a pitch deck to secure the startup’s funding

Cloudsdale employed their graphic design skills to create a pitch deck to help secure funding for the startup. This extension of the brand packs character and allows the investor to embody the Tiny Wines experience while learning of the opportunity.

A brand new website and online shop is coming soon!

To bring the brand to life and pack all the features Tiny Wine needed to run their business they opted for a bespoke website created using shopify to power their online store.

Cloudsdale started by creating a mock up of the website as images so the Tiny Wine team could see exactly how the website would look and make alterations to the design before the actual build.

The website is currently under construction and will be launched in May 2024!