Three Joes’ are a charismatic multi-site pizza restaurant and their designs from website to menu should speak to the same customer experience that means people rave and return.

The reality is they were growing tired of their brand, the reapplication of two colours and the reiteration of their four core illustrations were feeling one dimensional and repetitive. It was time to add some dimension to their branding and len their quirky, fun energy shine through.

Bringing fresh energy & depth with a brand rework

Our ambition was to inject new life into the brand. This wasn’t about re-invention, rather we elevated and added dimension to the core foundations.

From one core colour, static assets and reiteration of four characters, to a secondary pallet, secondary fonts, charismatic animations, an extended visual language and smaller purposeful roles for the four characters.

Sean made us fall back in love with our brand…..


Implementing the new experience across their new website

The new design language meant we could add depth and diversify the website features. We combined design and user experience (UX) to create buttons, dietary information, page dividers and navigation that were engaging while easing a potential customers flow through the site.

Promotional assets that boast character & persuasive power

Cloudsdale are marketing design partners to Three Joes and have designed promotional materials that pack persuasive power. The new design language allows for flexible application that always feel fresh while maintaining the core visual language that makes this unequivocally recognisable.

Showcasing Three Joes venues with vibrant photography

Three Joes invest in Cloudsdales’ Launch Venue Photography package every time they expand into a new location and as a result have impactful photography that demonstrates each venue’s unique character, features and ambience.