Rapsa’s ambition: A brand & website fit to scale

Rapsa approached Cloudsdale ready to take their brand up a notch and bring their website in line with their ambitions to scale. Their brand logo, while closely tied to their unique backstory, was tricky to translate across the board, in line with their vision, and the website was producing low to no bookings – something that had to change.

Brand development

Rapsa’s iconic octopus logo was derived from the head Chef’s tattoo of an octopus cooking, with each tentacle busy doing something different.

The intricate design meant that, unless on a large display, the logo was hard to interpret. We all agreed to preserve the essence of the logo’s character while bringing the whole design into a super clear, fun and unique look & feel that could be translated across multiple digital and print applications.

from this

Meet Hoxton's Newest Pop Up Restaurant, Rapsa – Camdenmonthly

to this

Along with a striking new duo-tone colour palette and an elevation of the wider brand guidelines, the new octopus mascot was born. This clean version aligned to the vision while preserving the quirky and fun nature of the original.

This distinguishable octopus can now be seen across the restaurant’s physical and online spaces in static and animation form taking part in all kinds of fun activities one would find in a Rapsa space.

A website that goes to bat for Rapsa

Rapsa’s previous website was not producing any bookings, something that we needed to change ASAP. Cloudsdale designed and built a new website in line with the rebrand that featured clean and clear customer journeys, easy-view menu features plus venue information and events booking promotions.

Launch photoshoot

To accompany their new brand and website design, Rapsa invested in our venue launch photography package. We photographed the venues, their food and captured the essence of the Rapsa experience.

These visuals were further brought to life with animated GIFs to add character and showcase the best of whats on offer.

The result: an uplifted brand and a scaling multi-site operator

Rapsa boast multi-sites with unique character under a professionally consistent brand. Their website now performs as a promotional sales tool, calling in new customers plus event bookings. This rebrand and website design project has elevated the business and set it on its course of sustainable expansion while maintaining quality service and customer experience.