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Event Enquiries Go Insane

Client: The Kings Arms

Success Story: Increasing Event Enquiries and Bookings at The Kings Arms


The Kings Arms was looking to increase event bookings. They were receiving about 10 enquiries a month, with only one or two resulting in actual bookings. Feedback indicated that potential clients often found that the venue did not meet their needs after initial enquiries, leading to a low conversion rate. They realized that the revenue potential from events was significant and wanted to capitalize on this by revamping their website.

The Solution

Sean Cloudsdale, founder of Cloudsdale, was brought in to help achieve this goal. After discussing with the team at The Kings Arms to understand their business objectives, Sean proposed a comprehensive strategy focused heavily on promoting events. The key components of this strategy included:

#1 Enhanced Website Focus on Events
The previous website primarily highlighted The Kings Arms’ hotel rooms and restaurant, with events being a secondary focus. The revamped website now gives events equal priority, featuring event spaces prominently on the homepage and in the navigation menu.

#2 Detailed Event Information and Self-Service Options
Potential clients needed more detailed information upfront. The new event pages include:

  • High-quality photos of each event space with detailed descriptions and capacity information.
  • A map showing how the event spaces connect, enabling guests to book multiple adjoining rooms and an outside terrace.
  • Detailed packages outlining menu options, pricing, and additional services available.

This approach ensures that clients only get in touch when the venue meets their needs, leading to higher conversion rates.

#3 The Carrot: Prosecco Tours
To encourage potential clients to visit the venue, especially since it is somewhat out of the way, a prosecco tour was introduced. Guests receive complimentary prosecco if they book a tour to view the event spaces, providing a tangible incentive to see the venue firsthand.


The impact of these changes was significant:

Increase in Enquiries:
Monthly event enquiries increased from 10 to approximately 30, averaging about one per day.

Higher Conversion Rate:
Detailed information and packages helped customers pre-qualify themselves. Which means less speculative enquereys, and more people geting in touch who are ready to book.

Website Traffic:
The enhanced focus on events boosted website traffic by 50%, with a noticeable increase in the time spent on event pages.

Customer Feedback:
Clients now contact The Kings Arms with specific requests, often stating, “This looks like the perfect venue for our event.” They know which rooms they want to book and the packages they want, making the booking process smoother.

Event Bookings:
In the first month, multiple events were sold, including a full wedding hotel takeover worth £10,000, which included booking all 12 hotel rooms.

Improved ROI on Marketing:
Google PPC ads were particularly successful. With a spend of £300 in the first month, leading to 7 event bookings, the cost per enquiry was £42, resulting in £13,000 worth of events sold. Even excluding the large wedding booking, the ROI was substantial.

The Client Expericence

Event enquireys have exploded. We are getting three times as many enquireys and 4 times as many confirmed bookings.

Michael Saxon, Operations Director, Mosaic Hotels

Future Plans

Building on this success, we are now marketing partners with The Kings Arms, and we plan to continue enhancing its event offerings. Future initiatives include:

  • Introducing virtual tours and interactive floor plans on the website.
  • Expanding marketing efforts to reach a broader audience.
  • Developing new event packages based on customer feedback and emerging trends.


By strategically enhancing the focus on events, providing detailed and helpful information, and offering enticing incentives like the prosecco tour, The Kings Arms significantly increased both event enquiries and bookings. This case study demonstrates the importance of understanding customer needs and adapting marketing strategies to meet them.

  • It has been great working with Sean, he has a great eye for design and a wide range of technical ability. We will definitely be working with Sean in the future.

    Rob Ingram

  • Sean was fantastic to work with. He produced original artwok, photography and animations and brought our brand to life with the website he built. Sean worked within our budget and met every deadline in the tight schedule. We will work with Sean again and again.

    Peter Clucas, Owner
  • I have worked with Sean for over 3 years now and it is always an absolute pleasure to work with someone who exhibits such great passion, enthusiasm and vision for their client. His interpretation of my needs are always spot on and he never fails to (over) deliver on the look, theme and quality of my brands with his shots.

    Marketing Manager, ETM Group

  • Working with Sean is a dream! Always incredibly easy to work with and flexible where needed.

    Jaime Keeble, Head of Brand, Tonkotsu
  • Experience was fantastic, exceptional creativity and professionalism, perfectly capturing our vision and translating it into a stunning, user-friendly website. We’re thrilled with the final product and highly recommend Sean for any web design needs. Looking forward to future projects together!

    Ben Robson, Operations Director
  • Sean is simply wonderful to work with. We have worked with him for a number of years and the work he produces is fantastic.

    Colleen Monaghan, Communications Director

  • Sean is a total Legend. I needed my website turned around in a matter of days and Sean did this with zero fuss to a great standard. Professional, affordable and a really cool guy. I highly recommend Sean Cloudsdale for anybody looking for a polished, slick and professional website site and great ongoing service. Thank you!

    Harry Crowther, Owner

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